Playful Irish Chain Quilt (plus quilt kits)

Sorry I've disappeared (yet again) for a long period of time. I've been diagnosed with this thing called "children" if you know what I  mean ;) In fact, I am typing this with a 4-month butterball on my lap, real time! So sorry in advance for any errors....
Playful Irish Chain quilt by Jera Brandvig - photo by McCall Quilting Magazine
Quilt Kits available!
I've been quiet lately being that we just moved houses and I had a baby 4 months ago...However, I have been a busy bee! I made the above Playful Irish Chain quilt over the Summer and finished it just weeks after giving birth...it was a crazy Summer!

I am excited to say that the pattern (with quilt kits available!) is finally published in the January/February 2016 issue of McCall's Quilting Magazine! This issue is available for purchase now online HERE, and will be on shelves at your local newsstands and craft stores by November 24th.
I'm so excited about this so I'm going to type-yell it: QUILT KITS! This is a charm pack friendly pattern, and what's loads of fun is you can purchase the quilt kit HERE. You will get a stack of adorable charm packs and background fabric with tiny blue dots, plus binding. Pre-order yours now or put it on your Christmas list ;)
Playful Irish Chain quilt by Jera Brandvig
Photo by McCall Quilting Magazine

Also, I want to mention that the amazing long arm quilting was done by my friend Monica at The West Seattle fabric company - she does long arm services and accepts online shipments too! She did a wonderful job on my quilt.

The fabrics I used are Flower Sugar by Lecien Fabrics. As noted above, it is a charm pack friendly pattern so the quilt kit comes with a bunch of pre-cut 5" squares so you can start quilting right away.
Here are more photos of the Flower Sugar line from Lecien's quilt market catalog. 

Anyway, that's my big news for this post. =)  Some other things that have been happening: I have a book that I co-authored that comes out next month! The quilt featured in it is pictured below. More on that really soon...

Also, I am starting on my second Quilt As-You-Go book! It's hard to believe that this month marks one year of my first book being out! I wouldn't be doing book number 2 if it wasn't for all of your support on my first so a sincere thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I listened to all your reviews and the best is yet to come with my next book!

Lastly, I will leave you with a cliff hanger...I have a BIG announcement that I hope to reveal within the next few weeks...so please stay tuned for that as well. That's all I can say for now...(other than I'm so excited about it I'm practically shaking, lol!)
So...I started this post around 1PM...it's now 11PM...haha! Like I said, I am diagnosed with a thing called "children" ;) and I'm loving every single moment of it, even if it means baggy eyes and late night quilting sessions.

Thank you for being here and reading me, despite my lack of posts recently. I hope you have an awesome weekend!


News from my Neglected Blog!

Between having a baby, taking care of my two boys, moving houses, meeting publication deadlines and working on some projects that I hope to share with you (really soon!!!), my poor blog has been neglected big time.  I apologize for that! I'm long overdue for a post, so i'll try (while my baby sleeps and my toddler is distracted!) to update you on what I can.

As a side note: for daily updates and pictures please follow me on Instagram and Facebook (search Quilting in the Rain), as I post there on a regular basis. I'd love to have you! 

First, I'd like to share some fun and exciting news! I co-authored the following book, 75 Fun Fat-Quarter Quilts, along with 13 other popular designers. This book comes out this December, 2015. The strippy quilt, shown above and below, is featured in the book. It is quick to assemble and uses almost the entire fat quarter bundle with little to no waste. I assembled it via the Quilt As-You-Go method, detailed in my other book Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern, but I also go over the technique briefly in this new book.
I believe in my last forever-ago post I mentioned that I was preggo. Well, baby Simon has arrived! He arrived like a freight train on July 3rd at 12:47 AM, and shares a birthday with my husband. Here he is at one month, and is getting chubbier by the day. He's almost 2 months now and my mom calls him "butterball."
Below are some pictures of a more recent project I finished. These are just some sneak peak pictures as this quilt will be published in the McCall Quilting Magazine early next year. If you love the design and the fabrics, you will be happy to hear that McCall quilting will be teaming up with Lecien fabrics to make custom quilt kits that you can order through their magazine. Fun stuff!
I seem to be most efficient at night time quilting, but even that can be a challenge when I'm nursing every 2 hours. I'm honestly surprised to be quilting as much as I am having just had a baby. With my first born, I didn't quilt for 6 months after his birth! But then I came back feeling super creative and shortly after wrote my first book. Funny how that works.
 Above: my faithful quilting buddy, Paige. She stayed up with me all night  assembling this one.
 Above: saying good night to my Pfaff.
As mentioned, these beautiful fabrics were provided by Lecien Fabrics. I just love their vintage vibe and soft floral designs, and the quality of their fabric (made in Japan) is excellent. This is their new Flower Sugar line that will be in stores Fall, 2015.
These next two photos I had to share. I think Paige has adopted Simon as her little pup. She responds to his every squeak and loves to cuddle him. It's one of the sweetest things ever.
 Above: Paige and Simon doing tummy time together.
More recently i've had the privilege of working with Lecien's latest Princess Rose collection which comes out this Fall. Isn't it beautiful? If you haven't been able to tell yet, I'm kind of a sucker for whimsy florals. xoxo
I have ambitious plans for this quilt and will show more previews later...here's a peak of what I'm scheming...
Thanks so much for reading this, as much as it's been neglected! These days with my busy schedule I seem to be on Facebook and Instagram more, so please join me there if you can. =)  

Even now, I'm racing to finish this post before my 3.5 year old asks to type on my laptop and my baby threatens to be done with tummy time, lol ;) 

Life has been busier than ever and it's been a super eventful Summer...but I wouldn't change a thing. I love being a mama to two beautiful boys, and I am thankful for the time (though few these days) I get for my hobby.  I have to really try to make time for it with the help of my husband (and grandparents!). Through the hustle and bustle of life, it's important we make time for the things we love. Obviously family always being number one, but for our hobbies as well (our hobbies keep us from going crazy)!
Above: Nurse. Shush. Sew. Repeat. ;)
Thanks for stopping by! I hope to make another post sooner rather than later...but that's me being ambitious ;)  

Enjoy the rest of the Summer and take care! 


Latest shenanigans...(did i mention i'm preggo?)

It has been crazy town over here, and it's been embarrassingly LONG since my last post! That being said, I thought I'd do this post loaded with photos to let you know what I've been up to.

First of all, have I mentioned that I'm 7 months preggo? Yup, that's me and my bump and Paige.
(photo cred: Lidia Flanigan)
And we just listed our house for sale. It goes on market this week! As of last weekend, we moved to a temporary rental home until we find a permanent home. I haven't had much time to quilt (and definitely no nesting time! lol), however amongst all the craziness I did find time to work on this baby quilt (pictured above and below) for my sister in-law's baby, Nathan. You can find the tutorial HERE.
As of last week I've said goodbye to my old sewing corner, below. I can't believe how many quilts were made in that tiny, itty-bitty space. That's where my book, Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern came to life!
My new space as of this week is this beautiful sun room. I am quite smitten with it! 
I started moving the necessities into the room, being my Pfaff, a table and a chair.
 Paige wasn't so sure about it at first...
 ...but i think she approves now! ;)
Anyway, the months and weeks leading up to now involved a lot of packing and moving, and that combined with watching my 3 year old and working part time and growing a baby were pretty much non-stop. I think it's fair to say that I am POOPED. It's a breath of fresh air to be able to settle into a home again.

Here are some pretty photos of my house, cleaner than ever and staged to sell. (and yes, cleaning our home and new rental with a baby bump pretty much sucked, for lack of better words!) ;-p

 (Above: my Tiny Tulips mini quilt. Perfect for Spring! Below: my home in watercolor)
Too tired to quilt, I found myself channeling my creativity by collecting vintage quilts. I told my hubby that it's my source of inspiration right now. ;) And it has been!!! Anyway, i'm kind of addicted. Here's some recent finds...
 (Above: On the ladder, the middle quilt is a vintage find. The top quilt is my Strawberries Fields Forever quilt, the bottom is my Stairway to Heaven quilt, and the mini hanging on the wall is my Sweethearts Mini quilt). 
(Above: vintage quilt and vintage pillow cases, modeled by my furr-baby Paige).
 Aren't they absolutely stunning? How can you not draw inspiration from such beauties - and they were all hand-quilted!!

So yeah, that's a glimpse of some of the prettier things I have been up to lately. :) 

I've said this before and i'll say it again: one of these days I will find time to finish all of my work in progresses!!
 I was hoping to finish this one (below) but then realized I accidentally packed the remaining fabrics  in storage :( Those public storage units scare the hell out of me with those long, dark corridors, flickering lights, no windows... So who knows when i'll get back to this one.
But you know me...I have quilting-ADD and i'm already scheming a new project! I'm collaborating with Lecien fabrics to create a quilt using their new Flower Sugar line of pre-cut fabrics, pictured below! I am so EXCITED to share more with you!
I'm all setup in my new space, and anxious to get quilting again after the big move! 

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll try to be better about posting. For more real-time and frequent photo posts, find me on instagram and facebook. :)

Happy quilting all!!


Done and Done! With the help of a long arm ;)

A few months ago I did this Stairway to Heaven quilt tutorial for Moda Bakeshop. I did not finish it via quilt as-you-go as I normally do, so I ended up with a quilt top that sat in my sewing nook for months. 

I love quilt as-you-go because there's a sense of pride you get when you can say you finished an entire quilt all on your own (plus the quickness of Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern is always a plus), but I still enjoy making quilts the traditional way as well. That being said, I can end up with unfinished quilt tops laying around. Anyone else guilty of this? ;)

To my timely luck, my good friend Monica (owner of The West Seattle Fabric Company), just opened machine quilting services in her shop. Monica asked me if I had anything laying around that I needed to just get done and so I jumped at the opportunity to get this quilt finished, once and for all! One less work-in-progress, right?!
So after months of my sad quilt top folded up in my sewing nook, I bundled it up, dropped it off at her shop with high hopes, and...
...VOILA! Within 10 days my quilt was finished. Monica did a beautiful job, and took such great care of my quilt! She quilted the cutest hearts with edge to edge machine quilting.
What was refreshing about The West Seattle Fabric Company's machine quilting services was the super fast turnaround time. Their goal is to get your quilt back to you within 10 days. They are able to accomplish this via straight forward, edge to edge quilting options.

And what's really exciting is they will be offering their fast machine quilting services online within a few months, so be sure to check back!

All you would do is mail in your quilt top and backing (or choose a backing from their shop - they have minky and flannel options for the backing fabric, too!), and then they'll mail your quilt back to you within 10 days. Super simple. That's how I like it!
 I love to share my quilting experiences with you all, and this was a very good one! I'm really looking forward to getting a quilt finished with minky backing. I'll let you know how that goes once it happens. :)
Once again, you can find my free quilt pattern HERE. And for more details on The West Seattle Fabric Co.'s machine quilting services, visit HERE - and check back for online quilting services coming soon!
If you're ever in the Seattle area, be sure to stop by The West Seattle Fabric Co., or visit them online. My son and I are frequent visitors.
 They have beautiful fabrics, and good taste in quilting books too ;)
Thanks for stopping by my blog to read about my experience with machine quilting services! The fabric collection I used for this quilt is Somerset by Fig Tree and Co. for Moda. I used all the colorways in the collection except for brown.

And with that, I leave you with Paige =)
Have a great weekend!

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