Patchwork Coasters

This tutorial will make you four coasters and one coaster cozy. I made these for a friend that just moved into a new house - it makes a great housewarming gift :)

  • Scrap fabrics
  • Scrap batting
  • Steam-a-seam

Step 1 – From your scrap fabrics, cut 12 2”x5” rectangles. As shown below, put them in four coordinating piles with three rectangles each. These will be your coaster patchwork tops.

Step 2 – From your scrap fabrics, cut four 5” squares for the coaster backing. From your scrap batting, cut four 5” squares.

Step 3 – Take a pile of three rectangles (from step 1) and piece them together: With right sides facing together, sew a ¼” seam along the length. The back will look like the first picture below. Press flat with an iron.

Step 4 – Take the patchwork top, backing and batting and layer them in that order. The right sides of the patchwork top and backing should be facing each other. Make sure everything is aligned, and then pin to keep in place.

Step 5 – Sew a ¼” seam along the perimeter of the coaster but leave a 2” opening for turning inside out. Start and end your stitch with a back-stitch. Using scissors, trim the excess fabric from the corners.

Step 6 – Through the 2” opening, turn inside out so that the batting is sandwiched in between the patchwork top and backing fabric. To seal the opening, fold the opening inward ¼”, press with an iron, and then apply a thin strip of steam-a-seam to glue it closed.

Step 7 – To make the coaster cozy, sew enough fabric scraps together so that you can cut two 6.5” squares. From your scrap batting, cut one 6.5” square. Follow Steps 4 through 6 (above), but using these 6.5” squares.

Step 8
– As shown below, pinch each corner so that a 1” wall forms on each side. Pin the corners to keep them pinched. (Tip: put a coaster in the center before pinching the corners of the coaster cozy to help give you even walls)

Step 9 – Use embroidery floss and a needle to tie all 4 corners closed.

You're done!


  1. Cute idea...thanks for the tutorial...great house warming gift!

  2. These are so unusual, absolutely love them!

  3. How creative!! The sides help to prevent cups from sliding around - I love it! (:

  4. Woww!! Your tutorial is very easy to follow!! I cant wait to make one like this!!

  5. your blog is wonderful!! thank you, you are very inspiring. I love everything you do!

  6. this is such a good idea! My mother in law was wanting me to make her some coasters and I have been putting it off and now i guess i don't have any excuses lol! thanks again!

  7. I'm Adriana and I live in Brazil.
    I liked their works a lot.

  8. I've just found your blog via Moda Bake Shop and I really like it! And this is a great tutorial! I will make them as a gift! Thank you for sharing!
    Agnes from Hungary

  9. thanks for the coaster tutorial - very helpful! i just made some coasters with scraps leftover from making my parents a log cabin pillow. thought i was just giving them one handmade gift, but now it's two!

  10. How how cute it that? I also love quick, easy and beautiful things to give away. Thanks for the tut.

  11. I really enjoyed your pillow (would make a great present) and I love the coasters as well (whick would also make great presents for my homeroom moms)
    I think I need to bookmark your blog and see some of your other ideas (-:
    Thank you!!!
    a very busy grandmother and second grade teacher

  12. I meant which not whick. It has been a long day. (-:

  13. Such a well written tute. I am new to quilting and have been reading a lot of tutes to get me started in the right direction. Your tute is the clearest I have read plus your pics are quite definitive. Will be checking your blog frequently. Thank you so much!.

  14. Won't the coasters get wet and stain whatever table they are setting on? Maybe you are using a special batting to prevent that from happening? I actually have scraps from a table protector that might work perfectly???



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