Custom Quilt Labels

Just a short and sweet post to show off my new quilt labels! I had them custom made from Jennifer's Jewel's on Etsy. She has lots of designs to choose from if you don't have your own. It adds a final touch to a quilt (and it's inexpensive)!
What better way to end this short and sweet post with my short and sweet furry babies!? Literally short, being that they're Corgi's, and sweet, because...well just look at them ;) Here's Bodie (left) and Paige (right) enjoying my latest Tiffany Diamond's quilt. :)

The tutorial on tying a quilt is on it's way. :) My next project will be the rug that i mentioned in an earlier post. Happy quilting!


  1. thank you for the great tip on the custom label maker on etsy. guess what is on my gift list for a) self, b) quilting friends, c) more quilting friends.

  2. I've been looking for some custom labels for the quilts I make and I love your square ones! Just wondering what size these are? Thank you for sharing the Esty shop info. Definately looking into this one!

  3. To Napergal50: Hi! I ordered the custom printed labels on soft poly cotton fabric. The size I ordered is a 1.5" square. If you read her Etsy policies and FAQs, you will need to email her with what you want the label to say, font, etc., so if you wanted the square you can always request that from her. =) Good luck!! I'm really happy w/mine so I think you will really like yours too! =)



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