'Fabric Fix' Giveaway Winners!

The 'Free Fabric Fix' Giveaway contest has now ended! I want to thank everyone who commented and sent emails. Reading the responses and meeting everyone (even if only virtually) was fun for me and well worth a small fabric sacrifice :)

The correct responses to the photo contest are:
1) Sewing machine feed dogs
2) Yo-yo maker
3) Fusible webbing

I have tallied up the responses and the winners are (drum roll....):

1st Prize: Becca Quilts
Becca was the first to respond with the correct answers! Congrats, one Honeybun and a Charm Pack coming up! Check out Becca's blog on quilting and life in general.

2nd Prize: Alise
Of all other correct responses, Alise's name was drawn from a hat (literally) for the 2nd Prize. You have a Honeybun coming your way! See Alise's photography blog here.

Fabric Sicko Award: The Quilted Finish
First of all, I loved - *LOVED* - reading through all the stories of fabric addiction! Those kept me entertained for the past week, so thank you! :) Of all the fantastic entries, the story from The Quilted Finish was both hilarious and close to my heart. I too find myself sneaking new fabric purchases into the house to avoid the rolling (but loving) eyes of my husband. Once in a while I find myself saying, "oh that old jelly roll, I've had that for months" when in reality it was a same day hit. No one needs to know. Right?! 8-} See what's new with The Quilted Finish at her blog.

Finally, because I was so tickled by so many responses, I wanted to give a couple of honorary mentions for the Fabric Sicko Award:
Suzan - I especially liked your admitting to spending multiple hours in a store to save a measly 10%. I have also fallen victim (willing, of course :) to this symptom of fabric addiction!
VickiT - Your fabric collection sounds impressive! So does your crafting area! We do what we can with our smallish home, but someday I aspire to take over more of our house with my crafting (don't tell my husband).

Thanks again for all the participation. I hope to interact with everyone more in the future. And remember, the next time that your husband or significant other starts questioning your stash, or asks 'why don't you just use some of the fabric you already have?' ... just smile and pretend you didn't hear them ;)



Fabric Giveaway Update! Plus a Cautionary (finger)Tip...

Hello fabric fiends! I have been so entertained with the responses to the fabric giveaway! It has been interesting to find out where everyone is located and I *LOVE* hearing about your fabric devotion... I'm glad I'm not alone out there and that I have support from fellow-fabric junkies! In fact, I love it so much that I have decided to throw one more prize into the mix for the giveaway: a Fabric Sicko prize to my favorite tale of fabric addiction! I've seen some great ones already, and if you haven't posted because you think it's too late, you still have a couple chances to win something! (click here for the fabric giveaway and fabric addiction affirmations).

The Fabric Sicko prize will be four fat quarters, as seen below:
I am ending the giveaway contest at 12:00am PST on October 23rd (the end of next Friday/beginning of next Saturday). So post if you haven't already!

Finally, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Maggie over at Maggiesquiltnthreads and a word of WARNING to my fellow quilters out there to be very careful when using a rotary cutter! I screamed when I saw an unexpected picture of Maggie's severed finger on her blog. Maggie sacrificed a piece of herself (literally!) to the craft when she accidentally nipped off a bit of her finger with a rotary cutter. Not fun. Yet she continues to quilt away, now that's true dedication. You can check out her blog for a description and all the gory details...but I just want to propose that October (and all other months, for that matter) should be recognized as Finger Safety and Awareness month. A couple (finger)Tips on how to observe FSA month follow:

A chainmail glove or gauntlet:
These are great because they make you look like a medieval knight and also protect you from rotary cutters.

Honest Abe:
You can trust Abe to protect your digits, although any thimble will do the trick.

An old-fashioned finger guard (not as hard core as the chainmail glove, but it will do):

And if all else fails, a good First Aid kit ;)

Happy crafting!


Free Fabric Fix! Giveaway From a Fellow Fabric Junky

I am a fabric junky who likes to give back to my fellow fabri-holics. To win this giveaway, all you have to do is answer my challenge correctly. This challenge will have TWO winners. Prizes are as follows, and instructions are below.
Not too shabby for a freebie. The beauties in the first photo above are called Honey Buns by Moda. They contain an assortment of 1.5" x 44" strips, usually about 44 strips per bun.The second photo is a charm pack by Moda which is a fabric collection of 5" squares, typically with about 44 squares per pack (I promise I wont sneak any squares to keep for myself :) I will ship the prize to each winner, and I'm willing to ship internationally as well.
  • 1st place winner: One honey bun of your choice, plus the charm pack.
  • 2nd place winner: One honey bun.
Challenge: Below are three up-close photos of items that are used for crafting. Can you guess what they are? :) The first person to respond with the correct answer for all three photos will be the 1st place winner. The 2nd place winner will be drawn randomly from the names of all other responders who answer correctly, or have the most correct answers if nobody else can get all three.

How to Respond: Email me your 3 answers to QuiltingInTheRain@gmail.com AND respond to this post with the following: your first name, where you are from, how long you've been sewing/quilting, and include an affirmation of your sick fabric addiction. I will determine the 1st place winner based on the timing of your email response.

# 1:


Good luck! If you have any questions, please reply to this post as I'm sure others will have similar questions. I will respond to your comments as soon as I can.

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