Custom Made Quilt Labels

Hi All! I had some people asking where I got my quilt labels made, so I wanted to share this information. I ordered mine from Jennifer's Jewels on Etsy and have been really satisfied with how they turned out. I ordered the '60 Custom Printed Fabric Labels' size 1.5" square and submitted my own logo -it only costs $20, well worth it! If you don't have your own logo, they have lots of really cute designs to choose from. I ordered sew-in labels, however you can get iron on ones as well. They're great because they don't fray - I totally recommend Jennifer's Jewel's!
Another place that I found just now and looks pretty cool is AmandasVioloncelle - you can get 80 custom labels for only 18 bucks - the designs are pretty cute too. A custom quilt label is the perfect finishing touch to a quilt - it's like the cherry on top of an ice cream sunday. Have fun and order some! :)

p.s. last year I actually did a post on these labels - feel free to check it out here - there's some cute bonus pictures of my Corgi's in that post too ;)

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Featured on Ucreate and Stash Manicure!

Today two of my tutorials are being featured on Ucreate and http://stashmanicure.blogspot.com/2011/07/sugar-flowers-tutorial-by-quilting-in.html. Be sure to check it out if you have the chance!

U Create

Both are awesome crafting sites that have lots of great tutorials - well worth a visit! Hope you're all having a wonderful week!

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Easy Baby Blankets!

I love making these blankets because they're so easy - you can make one in just a couple of hours. They're the perfect baby shower gift if you don't have time to make a full on baby quilt. The best part is they're super soft! check out my 5-step tutorial below. Thanks for stopping by!

  • 1 yard of cotton fabric
  • 1 yard of fleece
  • 7 inch strip of double-sided fusible webbing
  • Coordinating thread

Step 1 - Trim both yards of fabric (cotton and fleece) to get rid of the selvages and frayed or uneven edges. Make sure both the cotton and fleece measure the same after trimming. (FYI, selvages are the edges of your fabric that typically have the brand and fabric line printed along it). You'll end up trimming ~2-3 inches off the perimeter of each yard.

An easy way to do this is to fold one yard of fabric into quarters. Line it up evenly on your cutting mat, and then trim the two sides that are NOT folded, as shown below. When you unfold it, the selvages and uneven edges will be trimmed evenly.

Step 2 - With right sides facing together, layer the cotton and fleece fabric evenly on top of each other.
Pin to keep in place. As shown below, mark an opening (I used tape) away from the corners that's at least 7 inches long.

Step 3 - Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew along the perimeter except where you marked the 7 inch opening. Start and end your stitch with a back-stitch.
Then trim the corners outside of your stitching.

Step 4 - Through the 7 inch opening, turn the blanket right side out. Press all edges flat with an iron.

As shown below, use the double-sided fusible webbing to press 7 inch opening closed.

Step 5 - Using coordinating thread, sew along the edge of the blanket using a 1.5 inch seam allowance. If you don't have a seam guider to help guide a 1.5 inch seam allowance, you can use tape as a guide.

Lastly, echo that stitch by simply sewing along the previous stitch using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
That's it, you're done! As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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Summer Love Quilt on Ucreate

Hi All - you can find my tutorial HERE.

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Strippy Pillow Tutorial

You asked for the tutorial so here it is! For this project I used jelly roll strips. You can make a total of four 16x16 inch pillows using one jelly roll - my tutorial below shows you how to make one pillow. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions! :)

Materials for one pillow:
  • 10 jelly roll strips (a single strip is ~2.5" x 44" long)
  • Lining fabric, enough to cut one 17" square (I used regular cotton fabric)
  • Backing fabric, enough to cut two 12" x 16.5" rectangles (use a thicker fabric, like Home Decor fabric).
  • one 16"x16" pillow
Step 1 - Take ten strips and press each one lengthwise with an iron. Then cut each strip in half. This will give you twenty strips that are about 20" long each and 1.25" wide. From your lining fabric, cut a 17" square.

Step 2 - As shown below, take one strip and line the pressed seam along the bottom of the 17" square lining. Pin to keep in place. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew along the non-pressed side to attach the strip to the lining (the pressed seam should be facing the edge of the 17" square lining, as shown below).

After you've sewn the first strip on, mark 3/4" starting from the top of the non-pressed side of the strip. Continue marking 3/4" all the way up the lining. Click image below to enlarge.

Step 3 - Sew the remaining nineteen strips (that you cut from step 1) onto the lining. Simply line the non-pressed side along the 3/4" mark you made in the previous step, pin to keep in place, and then sew using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Step 4 - After you've sewn all twenty strips onto the lining, flip it over and trim the ends using a ruler and rotary cutter so the strips are flush with the lining. It should look like the picture below.

Step 5 - Using a rotary cutter and ruler, cut a diagonal line as shown below. This will give you two half square triangles.

Then, sew both half square triangles together again: with right sides facing together, pin to keep in place and sew along where you made the cut using a 1/4" seam allowance. Press open.

Step 6 - Prepare the pillow backing: From your home decor fabric, cut two 12" x 16.5" rectangles. For each rectangle, do the following.

Along the length, turn the edge 1/4" under, press, then turn under 1/2", then press again. Stitch to keep in place as shown below.

Step 7 - With right sides facing together, take one backing rectangle and line it along the left side of your pillow cover. The finished seam you created from the previous step should be facing toward the right. Pin to keep in place, then sew along the perimeter as shown in red below, except where the seam is. Start and end your stitch with a back stitch.

Repeat, but on the right side instead.

Lastly, turn right side out through the opening and that's it!Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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Strippy Pillow

I guess I've been in a pillow-making mood, because I whipped this guy up just now. This was actually pretty simple to make. I made it using jelly roll strips - you can make a total of four 16"x16" pillows with just one jelly roll.
Anyway, I just wanted to show you all some pictures of it...if you want a tutorial let me know and I'll get that posted. :)
This pillow uses the Prayer Flag collection by Moda, and a major plus is there is no zippers involved! Anyway, let me know your thoughts and if you'd like to see a tutorial!
Happy quilting everyone!


Long time no post!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Long time no post! As some of you know i haven't been feeling very well which has been getting in the way of my crafting, big time. Lucky me, I get this entire week off of work - I hope to start feeling better soon so i can get some quilting in during my week off.

I'm off to a so-so start, as I managed to finish the embroidery pillow I started in early June. It turned out great AND it's my very first embroidery project ever!
And the back of the pillow is just as cute as the front. I really love this colorway of olives, grays, aquas and reds...i know it's still summer but it's getting me excited for Fall! I guess I can't help it being from Seattle :)
I made this pillow using pre-cut 2.5" squares, also known as "crumbs". You can also make it by quartering a charm square.
This lovely line called "Little Apples" by Aneela Hoey will be released by Moda this Fall. And yes, I will be selling this line as soon as Quilting in the Rain, the shop, is open. :) I've been a busy bee ordering a substantial collection of pre-cut inventory and working on the website with a goal to have the online shop open by this Fall, if not sooner! With all that's been going on, this Summer has been going by too fast! Stay tuned for more updates. :)
That's it for now...just a quick post to show you what's up at Quilting in the Rain.

Happy Quilting!

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