Your Beautiful Creations!

I wanted to share some of the beautiful creations that fellow fabri-holics have made using my patterns! I absolutely love seeing how different fabric choices can make a pattern look totally different from the original. Thanks to all who submitted these photos! PLEASE keep sending more my way by either posting them on Quilting In The Rain's Facebook wall, or emailing to me at QuiltingInTheRain at gmail dot com. Your photos inspire me to keep crankin' out more tutorials :)
Patterns/made by: Image 1 (clockwise) - photos 1 & 2 Rainy Days by Jamie, photo 3 Rainy Days by Fran, photo 4 Sunny Santa Monica by Mary. Image 2 (clockwise) - photo 1 Tiffany Diamonds modeled by furrball Falla (in the upper left corner :), made by Maggie, photo 2 Strip Tease by Mandy, photo 3 Woven Jelly Roll Rug by Monica, photo 4 Visor CD Holder by Debbie.

Thanks again for sharing - and if you've made any of my patterns, please share! I absolutely love seeing your creations.

Happy Quilting!



Summer in Seattle

Long time no post! Summer came slow for Seattle this year, but we managed to get a couple weeks of 80 degree weather. My husband and I spent these last few weeks moving our bedroom upstairs and my sewing room downstairs, putting together new Ikea furniture (you know how long that can take), along with a late spring cleaning to make room for the baby! It's been very busy, and because of the move I've been without a crafting room. I had a little crafting setup in my dining room, but I didn't get around to sewing with all the moving around. Things are slowly coming together though! My next project is to get my new crafting space organized - I don't know about you, but I can't craft when things are disheveled and out of place. An organized crafting area gets my creative juices flowing. :)

With all this recent hustle and bustle we decided to relax this weekend. Lucky for us, my step-dad happens to own a beautiful boat that we spent the whole day on in Lake Washington with the dogs. The photo above is of my parent's dog, Keili (pronounced Key-Lie). Keili is modeling a quilt I made for my step-dad. I appliqued "Refugio" on the quilt, which means refuge. Keili is Paige's arch enemy, though they got along very well on the boat!
And of course, here are my furry babies, Paige and Bodie. Bodie is terrified of the water, hence the life jacket.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope you all had a great weekend, and found time to relax. Sorry for not posting lately - it's been a busy last few weeks!

Happy Quilting!


Jelly Roll Giveaway!

Hi All! My Rainy Days quilt tutorial is being featured on Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure today, August 15th. Click the link below to check it out, and for a chance to win TWO jelly rolls! Sweet deal!

On a different note, I'm off to a slow start on my latest bakeshop tutorial, but at least I've started! I wanted to share some photos of my little helpers keeping me company while i quilt. Putting together a tut requires a lot of photos...though Bodie and Paige started encroaching on my photos, they "started" out as perfect little models...
Here are before pictures...(Paige on the left, Bodie on the right)
Bodie was content, but Paige got restless...
...and here are after pics :-p I left the room for one minute to find Paige rolling around in my patchwork.
Their way of of telling me they were ready for a walk. ;) Anyway, I hope to wrap this tutorial up in the next week or so, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Quilting!


Quilting Class this Saturday!

Hi All - if any of you happen to be in Seattle this Saturday, August 13th and next Saturday, August 20th, i'll be teaching a two-course beginner quilting class at the West Seattle Fabric Co. Call early to register! In the first class we'll choose fabrics, piece together the quilt top and then prepare binding strips. In the second class we'll baste, quilt and bind! We'll be making my Sunny Santa Monica quilt pattern. Both classes start at 5:00pm. Hope to see you there!

Happy Quilting :)


Moda Bakeshop Shipment!

One of my favorite things is receiving a box full of yummy Moda pre-cuts in the mail! I got my fix Friday evening - what better way to to end a long Friday at work!? The collection I'm using is called Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda. I absolutely love the dark greys and reds with polka dots and newspaper prints. I'm lovin' this modern-urban look.

And what makes this fabric ultra cool is it features almost every city you can think of in the U.S. Do you spot Seattle below? :)
My tutorial will use 4 charm packs or 1 layer cake pack (you'll need to quarter the layer cake into 5" squares), and also 1 solid jelly roll. But I'll post alternative yardage as well, because sometimes it's less spendy to cut your own fabric. Trust me - I know how expensive quilting can be!

Stay tuned for my tutorial!

Happy Quilting!


Long time no post!

So there's a reason I haven't made a post in so long...I've been feeling extremely exhausted and nauseated...ring any bells for those mommy's out there? ;)

I have a bun in the oven!!! This is my first, and my husband and I couldn't be happier. :) I'm 12 weeks along now and am feeling better with each day. The due date in Feb. 14th - it could be a Valentine's Day baby! Though I've still been really tired (came home from work last night and slept 4 hours!), I think I might actually get some sewing in this weekend. It's been too long!

Just wanted to share this exciting news with you all. :) Yesterday I got a shipment of Moda fabrics for a new Bakeshop tutorial I'll be doing very shortly. I'll be posting pics soon of the fabric line, and the tutorial to follow, so stay tuned. I'm super excited about this tutorial - like most of my quilts, it's fast to put together with simple instructions.

Happy Quilting!

- a quilting mommy-to-be

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