Happy Halloween!

Hi All! Just wanted to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween! I actually took a little break from the store and crafted this weekend! Inspired by yummy candy, I decided to make a Frayed Fabric Basket as a candy dish. I'll have the tutorial up soon...it's really simple.

On a different note, last weekend my husband and I returned from a baby-moon at the Florida Keys. :) In the spirit of Halloween, here's a couple spooky decorations I thought you'd enjoy. I took these at Key West - this town goes all out for Halloween!
Quilting in the Rain, the online store, update! >> For those of you that haven't heard, I've been working late hours to launch my online store that specializes in selling pre-cut fabrics. I can't believe I'm finally saying this, but it should be ready to launch within the next 2 weeks if not sooner. We're just finishing up some last minute touches. :) I'm so excited to share all the fabric I have stocked for you!

Happy Halloween!


More of Your Beautiful Creations!

Hello fellow quilters! A handful of you have been sending me wonderful pictures of your quilts using my patterns! I thought I'd do a quick post to show off your beautiful creations! Thanks so much for sharing these... please keep on sending!

This was made locally by Charisma from Central Washington! This quilt is amazing...Charisma was inspired by my Summer Love pattern and added her own embellishments. Her quilt took 1syt place at the fair!!!

This quilt is just darling...I love, LOVE the color choices! It's a simple yet eye catching design. Carolyn from Texas made this using my Tiffany Diamonds pattern. The fabric is from the "Just Wing It" collection by MoMo for Moda. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

I love seeing how different a quilt can look by changing up the fabrics. This quilt was made by Debbie using the Sugar Flowers design. Speaking of Tiffany Diamonds, Debbie used the Breakfast at Tiffany's collection that she won from one of my fabric giveaways to make this quilt!

What can I say...this quilt is just really cool. I love the black and white using these wonky blocks. It's very eye catching, and kind of reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, of all things. I think it's because of the warpy affect that the blocks give off. Love it! This was made by MochaWildChild using my Strawberry Fields Forever! pattern.

Another locally made quilt! Amy from Walla Walla made this using the Sugar Flowers pattern. so very pretty! Amy - I'd love to see a picture after you've quilted it! Thanks you for sharing!

And lastly, another take on the Summer Love pattern. Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning quilting job as well! This was made by Jessica, check out her blog at Quilty Habit!
Please continue sharing your lovely quilts! Your photos inspire me to keep posting patterns. :) Post your photos at Quilting in the Rain's Facebook page! or email them to em at quiltingintherain at gmail dot com.

Happy Quilting!


Quilt Name Ideas???

I started this quilt before I even knew I was having a baby boy! It makes a rather perfect boy quilt, don't you think? I used the Hometown collection by Sweetwater for Moda. My tutorial for this quilt will be featured on Moda Bake Shop, but you will get to see it first via my blog. :) I plan to post it within the next couple of weeks - it's another one of my stack, whack and sew quilts that comes together in a jiffy and uses minimal measuring.

I'm having trouble figuring out what to name this quilt...any ideas??? Please help! This quilt will need a name for when it's featured on Moda Bake Shop. Here are some up-close photos that might help get your creative juices flowing...

...the newspaper prints have all the names of different cities within the US and even Europe.

Maybe I have baby-brain right how, or perhaps I'm just up too late blogging...either way I can't think of a thing! Any ideas? Please leave a comment and share!

Happy Quilting!


It's a ______! *drumroll*

....BOY! A baby BOY! :*)

Just wanted to share the great news. We found out a couple weeks ago...I'm already at week 22, more than half way through my pregnancy! Time is truly flying by. He went from looking like a gummy bear to a baby boy!

Here's my little bambino rocking out in my belly...he looks to be making the 'metal' sign, so we think he will like rock music just like his daddy. ;)

And for those of you that have been following my blog, I couldn't end this post without a picture of my other baby boy, Bodie. He's been noticing my growing bump and is probably wondering what's going on. :)
I just finished a baby boy quilt top, so stay tuned for my next post. :)

Have a great week!


...sneak peak...!

Time flies when you're busy! It's not that I've been ignoring all you fellow fabriholics...quite the opposite actually - I've been a busy bee working away on Quilting in the Rain's online store in order to satiate your fabric addiction ;) We're aiming to go live by the end of this month...I really can't believe it's already October! Anyway, above is a sneak peak of our new store logo...the blog logo will remain the same.

Being a fabriholic, one of the hardest parts of starting the store is the stockpiles of gorgeous inventory I have...the thought of it just sitting there brings a tear to my eye. The funnest part of course is choosing beautiful collections for you all - I've even pre-ordered fabric collections all the way into the new year to provide you the freshest, latest fabrics. The store is really coming together - it's pretty darn cute! Can't wait to introduce it to you all!

Happy Friday! And of course, happy quilting!

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