Simply Charming Baby Quilt Tutorial

I love baby quilts! They come together so quickly and there's so many soft and cute fabrics to choose from. I made this quilt over a weekend; it came together very quickly!

This quilt uses charm squares - it only required 1 pack, plus some yardage for the solid strips, backing and binding. I went with minky fabric for the solid strips - it's that soft and fuzzy fabric that's perfect for baby quilts. It adds texture to a quilt making it super cuddly; however, be warned that it's not that easy to work with as the material is very stretchy.

The collection of charm squares I used is called Ten Little Things (thanks to your help!) by Jenn Ski for Moda, which is available at our shop.

I got creative with the backing fabric and pieced it together using quarter yard cuts. If you use a single fabric for the backing, you will only need 1 1/4 yards, and no need to piece it together.

I went ahead and put together a super quick tutorial for you all. :) Choose a charm pack and make one yourself! It's a simple and fun weekend project.

This tutorial assumes a 1/4" seam allowance.

Materials for a 36.5" x 41" quilt:

  • 1 charm pack (at least forty pre-cut 5" squares)

  • 5/8 yard solid fabric

  • 3/8 yard binding fabric

  • 1 1/4 yard backing fabric
Prepare A and B, and then arrange as shown in the image below.

A = Piece together five rows that have eight charm squares per row.
B = From your solid fabric, cut four 5" x 36.5" rectangles

[click image to enlarge]
Then, sew all 9 rows together to create the quilt top. (With right sides facing together, pin along the length to keep the fabric in place and then sew a 1/4" seam allowance. Press open with an iron).

Baste, quilt using an even-feed walking foot (i quilted horizontal lines), and then bind. And you're done!

That's all there is to it - I told you it was simply charming. :)


  1. Jera ... te ha quedado precioso , me gusto mucho tus telas elegidas ... cariños desde Argentina !!!!

  2. This is so nice ! love the minky !

  3. so cute! What a lovely fabric line and I really like the backing too!

  4. Hi Jera: Hope you are feeling good. I'm wondering? did you ever show the quilt you made using the half square triangles that you saved while making Sugar Flowers?

  5. Cute quilt, and oh so easy to do. Thanks for the tut.

  6. So cute! I am a novice "sew-er" and a little nervous to try quilting. Your pattern looks very simple! I would love to try it.

  7. What a cute quilt and I love the minky in it!

  8. I LOVE your blog, and I am learning SOOOO much from you tutorials! Thank you Jera---you are an inspiration!

  9. Hi Jera! Came across your blog which inspired me to give this ago. I have a question about making this quilt before I start. I noticed you have sewn across the whole quilt, assuming stitching the three layers together at the same time. Is there a practical reason for this or is it just for decorative purposes? Thanks in advance and thanks for great blog.

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  11. Just wondering if you have any tutorials on using the walkingfoot attachment for the sewing machine... I have a new Janome which has this foot but Im unsure how to use.


  12. I just finished my quilt. It turned out great.

  13. Your tutorials are impeccably detailed and . . . beautiful, just beautiful!

  14. I don't see anywhere in the tutorial, instructions for attaching the backing.

  15. Hi :) I made this quilt! Thanks for the tutorial!




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