8 months later...

Shortly after my son was born and I was couch-ridden with a newborn in my arms, I did what any fabriholic would do: spent countless hours looking at pretty fabrics on my iPhone. I ended up buying a bunch of fabric with the excuse that I'll use it to "whip up" a rag quilt for my son. Well, that was a fail! hah!

Last Friday I decided to just get it done...with the help of my quilting buddy, Paige, of course.

Paige wouldn't move so I just laid the pieces on top of her.

Anyway, 8 months later my now 9.5 month old son finally has his rag quilt! Woo-hoo!
I have a traditional rag quilt tutorial here if you're interested.  For this rag quilt I didn't use batting since the minky fabric (the blue fuzzy backing) was already pretty thick. It came out super cuddly and soft.

It feels good to get a project completed. :)


  1. Its so beautiful...my children are toooo big for so a nice Picture......The robot Quilt its really cute...nice Greatings from Berlin.

  2. What a cutie, all wrapped up in his new quilt. Better late than never. Geez, this rain is crazy! Water everywhere!!!!!



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