Hello Spring! Strippy Pillow Tutorial

Hey All - There's been some issues accessing my tutorial via Moda so I've posted it on my blog, below. Also, if you're interested you can check out my original Strippy Pillow post that I made back in July using a different fabric line by clicking HERE. It's the same design but I made a diagonal cut in it - after I had made the cut I decided I liked it better without it. :-p Have fun!

  • 11 jelly roll strips
  • Lining fabric, enough to cut one 16.5 inch square (I used one fat quarter)
  • Backing fabric, enough to cut two 12 x 16.5 inch rectangles (I used two fat quarters).
  • one 16"x16" pillow

Step 1 - Take eleven strips and press each one lengthwise with an iron. Then cut each strip in half. This will give you twenty-two strips that are about 20 inches long each and 1.25 inches wide. Of these twenty-two strips, choose twenty-one for your pillow. From your lining fabric, cut a 16.5 inch square.

Step 2 - As shown below, take one strip and line the pressed seam along the bottom of the 16.5 inch square lining. Pin to keep in place. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew along the non-pressed side to attach the strip to the lining (the pressed seam should be facing the edge of the 16.5 inch square lining, as shown below).

After you've sewn the first strip on, mark 3/4 inches starting from the top of the non-pressed side of the strip. Continue marking 3/4 inches all the way up the lining. Click image below to enlarge.

Step 3 - Sew the remaining twenty strips (that you cut from step 1) onto the lining. Simply line the non-pressed side along the 3/4 inch mark you made in the previous step, pin to keep in place, and then sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 4 - After you've sewn all twenty-one strips onto the lining, flip it over and trim the ends using a ruler and rotary cutter so the strips are flush with the lining.

(Note: Save the scraps! Check out this post to see what I did with them)

It should look like the picture below.

Step 5 - Prepare the pillow backing: From your backing fabric, cut two 12 x 16.5 inch rectangles. For each rectangle, do the following.

Along the length, turn the edge 1/4 inch under, press, then turn under 1 inch, then press again. Stitch to keep in place as shown below.

Step 6 - With right sides facing together, take one backing rectangle and line it along the left side of your pillow cover. The finished seam you created from the previous step should be facing toward the right. Pin to keep in place, then sew along the perimeter (as shown by the dashed line below) except where the seam is. Start and end your stitch with a back-stitch.

Repeat, but on the right side instead.

Lastly, turn right side out through the opening and that's it! Let me know if you have any questions. :) Happy Quilting!

If you love jelly rolls and other pre-cuts, then stop by my pre-cut friendly shop!


Hello Spring!

Hey All! First of all, happy Spring! It's funny because I just realized that today is the first official day of Spring, and it just so happens that my Hello Spring tutorial posted on Moda Bakeshop! Stop on by if you get a chance. You can find it HERE or by clicking the image above.

Also, in Step 4 of my tutorial I said to save all scraps.
I trimmed the scraps to 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles to make some easy patchwork coasters. :)It's a quick and easy project that will add little pops of color around your home. I made these as a housewarming gift for a friend. You can find the tutorial HERE.
Thanks for stopping by, and happy Spring!


Happy St. Patty's!

First of all, happy (early) St. Patty's Day! Yes, another picture of my son but this time in festive attire. What did you expect? I have no more time to craft because of the little munchkin. :) So little time that I setup a temporary sewing corner near my kitchen:
My normal sewing room is in the far back room so it was hard to care for Ethan while crafting back there where I was MIA. I'm happy to report that I've made some crafting progress with my new corner setup.
It isn't much, but I've finished cutting all my fabric for Ethan's rag quilt (the project i had hoped to finish last weekend..hah!). Blogging about my crafting accomplishments, though small, help me to keep at it. Since I'm done with all the cutting, sewing it all together is the fast part. Or at least it used to be...we'll see. :)

That's it for now. Happy quilting!

Oh and p.s., i did get those speckled jelly beans! More color inspiration!


A Sweet (and sour) Pop of Color!

So I wasn't able to finish that rag quilt over the weekend like I had high hopes for. However, I did get some sewing therapy in by making these little buggers. :) I love quick and satisfying projects like this. I actually felt giddy to have completed all 4 patchwork coasters before my son woke from his nap...I kept looking over at him thinking, Really? Should I keep sewing?

Instead, I admired the coasters and treated myself with some afternoon coffee accompanied with sour gummy bunnies. :) Happy early Easter to me.
I know this next picture is totally in your face, but look how pretty they look! They tasted delectable too ;) I had to capture the sour gummy bunnies before they all ended up in my tummy.
Anyway, I made the coasters using scraps from my latest Moda Bake Shop tutorial which will now post on March 20th. Here is a tutorial for the patchwork coasters if you're interested. The fabric line I used is called Hello Luscious by Basic Grey for Moda.

I gotta say that the coloring of these seasonal candies inspire me to craft (wow, that sounds like an excuse). Well...I'm off to the store to buy more! I'm on the hunt for speckled jelly beans this time. Go treat yourself to something sweet!


Personal Stash

I couldn't resist. Even with my big inventory of pre-cuts, I found myself purchasing fabrics for my personal stash. I'm a true fabric addict. I plan on making my son a super soft rag quilt using these, so really the fabrics are more for him and not for me. That makes me feel better, so it's a good enough excuse!
Instead of using batting for my rag quilt, I decided to go with this soft minky backing fabric. It's thick enough so that batting is not needed AND cuts out that extra step of cutting batting which means more time to quilt. I seriously need all the time I can get!
I figured this project should be quick enough that I might actually be able to accomplish it this weekend...however whenever I try to go off an do my normal crafting thing, Ethan keeps giving me this prison stare (which he gets from his mommy)...
Looks like I'll need to find time for another early morning crafting session this weekend :)

Happy Friday and happy quilting!


Long time no post!

Long time no post, I know. I've had my hands full with this little dude. :)

Recognize the quilt he's rolling around on? It's the Simply Charming quilt I made from this post.

As I mentioned on Facebook, over the weekend New Mommy found some time to craft in the early morning. I was finally able to finish my latest tutorial called 'Hello Spring! Strippy Pillow.' The tutorial will be posted on Moda Bakeshop on March 21st, so stay tuned.

I used the Hello Luscious line by Moda which is currently on sale at my shop. It's a delicious collection just in time for Spring! Makes me wanna buy Easter candies...(if you've been following me, you'll know that I've eaten a whole bag of speckled egg jelly beans in one quilting session).

Some shop news: Vintage Modern pre-cuts by Moda just arrived at the shop. It's a gorgeous line with more of that Spring/Summer pop of color that I've been in need of, especially with how gray its been in Seattle.

Hope all is well and that you're all finding inspiration (and time!) to craft.

Happy quilting!

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