I'm back with the quilting bug!

Hey everyone - Yes, I'm still alive. :) It's crazy to think it's been almost HALF a year since I've quilted...time sure does fly! For those of you that have been following me, you'll know that on February of this year I had my son, Ethan. Well, he's 6.5 months old now and he's been keeping me busy!
Left: a few weeks old; Right: 6 months!

When i was pregnant, everyone kept saying to "enjoy every minute because they grow up really fast!" Now I know what everyone meant - it is so true. Ethan has grown so much. Two weeks ago he started crawling, and now he's trying to stand up on things. Motherhood is amazing...and very time consuming, especially with a full time job...

But, things are starting to fall into place. :) I'm back with the quilting bug, and exciting and creative things are brewing for the remainder of the year!

But first thing's first.  I've decided to start fresh with a NEW sewing space. It's a work in progress, but here's what I got so far. I don't have that much space to work with, so I'm going for a bright and organized sewing area.

It's very plain right now. I plan on sewing curtains using Chevron fabric for the window above the desk. And I'm on the hunt for a cute stool/chair that I can reupholster with fabric of my choice.

Here's the bookcase to the right of the desk...once I'm quilting again I want to work with these babies...

I love this organizer I got from Ikea. The drawers are so big I can see all the pretty fabrics. Yay for no more unforgotten bundles buried in my stash!
And heck yes, I kept some charm packs from my store. ;) I'm a bit of a fabric hoarder if you haven't realized that by now. :-|

I hope you're all having a great week! Until next time...(and I promise it won't be half a year this time...;-p)

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