Baby Stuff is the Best!

I had to share some of the baby samples I've been making for the Stitch and Sew Studio. As I mentioned previously, I'll be planning parties and events including baby showers at the studio, hence these lovely samples!

I found the pattern for these adorable monster bibs via Pinterest. You can find the pattern here.
I made the pennant banner by loosely following my old pennant banner tutorial which can be found here. If you're digging the fabric choice for both the bibs and banner, I mainly  used the Simply Color collection by V and Co for Moda.

Adorable, right? I told you...baby stuff is the BEST! I used Steam-a-Seam to applique the designs onto the onesies. You can also look through children's books and trace some of the images of animals, etc. to get some other cute onesie design ideas.

And then of course there's burp cloths which I adore making because they're the perfect way to showcase some of your favorite fabric prints. For these I used fat quarters and trimmed them down slightly - I think they ended up measuring roughly 15x20 in. For the backing I used terry cloth.

Anyway, just a quick post to share some cute baby samples. :) If you're in the Seattle area and are wanting to plan a unique and crafty party or baby shower, check us out at the Stitch and Sew Studio!


Fabric Wreaths

This project was super fun. I did it late last night while watching Homeland with my hubby. It's refreshing working with fabric and not being stuck in front of a sewing machine for once. :)

We're making these fabric wreaths at tomorrow's Sew Crafty Project Night at the studio. If you happen to be in Seattle, you should come hang out. All supplies are included, just register here.  

It turned out lovely!
This is definitely a scrap buster! I used leftover jelly roll strips for these and cut them down to 6"x 2.5" strips. I used this tutorial as a guide, but started with jelly roll strips as oppose to using honey bun strips. 

Happy Holiday crafting! :)


'Tis the Season to be crafty!

I'm at it again! A couple years ago I walked into an arts and crafts store to pick up a couple items only to walk out with a bag full of foam balls and everything BUT those two items. I love it when you suddenly get a cool idea and just go with it. Anyway, I came up with this fabric ornament tutorial and I'm finally doing it again, but this time Christmas-themed.

We're starting to decorate the Stitch and Sew Studio for the holidays and we have a bunch of fun holiday classes coming up, including this fabric decoration class that I'll be teaching. It's been busy at the studio with people trying to finish projects before Christmas.

This picture makes me happy. I love seeing all this creative energy and people working away on fun projects - it's an awesome and inspiring environment to be around!

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