Tiny Tulips Pattern - Welcome Spring!

For those that have been following me on facebook and Instagram you'll have seen this pattern being made from start to finish - it started with one mini tulip because I was SO READY for Spring to arrive! Then my tulips kept multiplying. From that it became this simple and fun pattern that you can do in a weekend. Thanks to all of your love and enthusiasm over these tulips, I wouldn't have made this pattern. =)

My Tiny Tulips Pattern is now available for purchase at my little Etsy shop for only $4.75 (shipping in the U.S. in on me!). There's two options: 1) An  instant PDF copy that will be emailed to you, or 2) a paper copy that I can send via snail mail.
This is my very first pattern that I've put a price on, so a sincere thank you for supporting my craft. I hope I've made the price reasonable, and all funds will go towards my quilt-making craft so I can continue sharing with you all!

I take pride in writing clear and concise patterns on my blog, and have made it even more so with this pattern. It has easy to follow and clear instructions with professional images.
Also, if you don't want to make a mini wall-hanging you can easily convert the tulip block pattern into a pillow, place mat or table runner...or even a full quilt! You'd better share a picture of it with me if you do! =)

Warning! These mini tulips are highly addicting to assemble ;)

I've hung my Tiny Tulips quilt right by my front door to welcome Spring - plus i love surrounding myself and my family in beautiful colors and creations.

Also, here's a quick tip on how I hung my Tiny Tulips quilt. I simply pinned a safety-pin to the back (you can pin it through a layer of batting as well), and then hung it on these mini sticker hooks which you can find at most grocery stores, Target or a Home Depot.  This is how I hang most of my quilts. These sticker hooks are stronger than they look!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my latest shenanigans. =) And welcome Spring!!! Is it time to shop for sandals and summer dresses yet..?! Maybe not in Seattle...


  1. Very cute tulips! And thank you for sharing how you hang your quilts....so helpful:)

  2. Just bought the pattern! Would love to know if we can purchase the fabric somewhere?

  3. I love you pattern!. My computer is running slow right now so I will purchase the pattern when I figure out the problem. Thanks for the quilt hanging tip.

  4. Those are some really great quilting patterns. They are simple, but they are great. I just need to know where I can find the fabric for doing this kind of stuff now.
    Jak Manson | http://www.fabricfanatics.com

  5. What an adorable pattern for Spring. I am going to try the quilt hanging tip.

  6. Hey Jera,
    I'm taking your apirl 26 class in west seattle and want to make a quilt larger than the one we will start in class - we are all tall in my family! should I buy double the jellyroll? double the fat quarters? how much backing? thanks! please reply incogkneetoe@gmail.com

  7. Just ordered your tulip pattern. Can't wait to start it.

  8. Thanks for the hanging tip! Will use it for a wall quilt I'm giving a friend - that way it won't put holes in her bedroom wall!!!



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